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Stephan Johansen
Entrepreneur - Teacher - Software Engineer

I have a vision of a future where software developers produce high quality and secure software solutions, while maintaining a high pace through the whole project in playful environments.

My mission is to help teams become craftsmen in software development by adopting best practice, by encouraging continuous learning.

Blog posts

  • 2023-01-03 - Cake and Docker (DevOps) : How to use Cake-build within Dockerfile

Core skills



I have a keen interest in the cross section between humans and technology. How we interact with technology, how we teach technology and how technology can help evolve companies (but I don't believe in technology in the sake of technology).

I started working professionally with cyber security and software development in 2003, I am driven by helping others to perform at their max and prefer my work to be anchored in research.

Whatever project I am involved in, I use my strong creative urge and holistic approach, no matter if it is to build software systems, analyse technical problems, competence development or build a high-performing team.

I believe ...

  • that many of the security incidents we experience can be avoided in the cross section between humans and technology, by increasing the focus on craftsmanship
  • the two most important factors in creating teams of craftsmen is an ongoing development of skills and effective communication.
  • knowledge obtained in a playful and diverse environment, is the key to a successful technology adoption and implementation.
  • that the key to a high pace in a development team, is to give the developers the steady flow of well thought requirements combined with a high degree of automatization

Tech radar

This tech radar shows the technologies I'm currently assessing, and I which state I currently see them.

The don't show the technologies I use on a daily basis, otherwise should I be a bit crowded in the middle.

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Tech radar overview